Mannee is a young artist born in Mauritius where she has graduated from the school of fine arts.  She spent some years  in Reunion island and now she lives in Alsace, France and works internationally.

An introverted person, her body of work takes roots from her personal vecu, echoes of which are found in her works with themes of exile, individual and the mass, ease and unease, intimacy and identity, punctuated by materials such as menstrual blood, earth, safran, pigment, varnish.

Her main subject of research and work is based on  Trans-generational Trauma, consequences and cure. The multigenerational dimensions of trauma, refers to the physical transmission of the horrors of the past as “embodied history ". How individuals and society is molded by the past acts, anxieties and fears and how perceptions are influenced.

Another powerful source of inspiration is her dreams  a powerful medium and guide, leading from self reflection on the immediate self and family history to an enlarged view of the world history, the waves of movements, the "criminology" of Man and existence itself (the source).  Dream world, a platform of collective consciousness and memories.

As a language, she uses Performance, writing, including poetry and texts and painting, singling one sometimes and at other times , merging them.

Song Of Exile




Aquarelle with pigment and earth obtained from my native place

Queen Of Saba


manifestation on the floor and wall of  an ancient colonial house


Performance movie shown at the Bienale of Venice, 2015

Vermillion Nomadism

blood prints on envelopes and cards


performance with fish, wine, milk and other materials