Street after street he walked

children running gleefully ,

chased the madman away

little arms loaded with wooden doors and windows ,like painted canvases

cream rose mauve

Scream , rise, move!

Why did you take my tin house apart


Right to left

the head of the madman like spring went

silvery long hair

all of him

a filthy mess


chaos! Chaos!chaos!

His bestial scream echoed

Dried crushed sugarcane made whip

singes the muddy drapes

scarring the body in bloody stripes


Ageless agony

evaporated tears carve the face

scorching sun,

casting upon everything, divine light

bringing forward, grotesque, nameless forms

with pieces of tin, stone and wood

all in a bizarre drugged tribal trance


In the horizon, smoky bright

yellow dumper train


Chanted away the kids

and in unanimous ecstasy

danced away the drunken mass