Das Haus, der Hund


Knock not

Said the child

The door is open


Outside, a weary man

A traveler of all age


I was lost

He said

The white dog led me

Here to the tin house

I was afraid of it at first

It is so big

But it wouldn’t leave my side

And I couldn’t commit suicide.


It had to be

She replied slowly

The old woman was waiting for you

Your arrival is not unannounced.



He looked around the shabby house


Where is she?


Just here. You will see her by and by


In the halo of the single light

Half lit half shadow

She started wiping his face

With old bread soaked in water

Very gently

like a sculptor

Brushing the dust from his creation


The black hole called amnesia

Whispered i


The sandy mask like crust

cracked and seeped

Like time in a glass frame.


And there he stood

Luster on his face

holding two weeping eyes


“mother!..” he cried,

with joy and sadness

“I see you now”

and threw himself in my embrace


“all is done”

said I

with a gentle smile.