Into the deep green.

I heard only her song, that of her sickle and she and the grass in the deep green.

She had left me atop this singular tiny hill covered from all sides but the top , there shined the velvet sky, seen from a green tunnel

on this happy mold of earth, had erupted millions of little sprouts and with them came to play,

red polkas , green trains, flying choppers and the hoppers with the gigantic legs

from the road nearby, a motor bike, but i was not seen, i was outside, yet inside

a secret place of fantastic colors, the kind that only dreams bring by

sometimes the wind would rustle through the sugar cane , startling me but just a little

maa? I would question them, for she was just a direction

huu! She would reply eventually, she always did, she never was too far away


sometimes she would appear , a dot in the landscape

with her load of fodder on her head

traversing the channels which contained flooded waters

I remember I had this sunshine dress of every print

I was a nuclei, I was a cell, I was an atom

and everything and everybody else existed because I was

I was the micro cosmos and I was the macro cosmos

I was the centre of all possibilities

the dumper train chuckled coz I could hear it

And when I peed on this height, nobody was bothered

but it felt like peeing on a plane in motion, or in a sleep


I was alone yet everything was there

to this exposed hidden place, the place where she was

and that place where I belonged