Raum für Blau (space for Blue)


Retreat nor solace

on this altar of love,

A nomad, I lie on your lap.

With her consent

I burnt down my mothers house

the kitchen even.

There is no comfort now,

I reside the highways

ocean on both sides

a lone yellow canary floater

in the storm.


With ashes of burn you paint my back raw

New stories of open wounds


the location of our next meet unknown


In the whore house we once dwelled

in this rented room

Artists they called us

when I reached there again,

you were gone

and the house , no longer


Coming out from this river

I woke this bridge of passage

I know you are

But I seem to be searching for you

everywhere else


Falling sleeve of a kimono

Sakura! ,

somebody whispered fearfully

from the sidewalk of time

you are back !


Centuries backwards, A residue

Meanwhile they have given me the name of deity

of muddy waters running under the bridge


Amnesia hounds me

I must reach you before I forget again

Reverse time, forward back

Im rolling after you, backwards

a wave after another

where we crash, there will be the now


I know you were searching for me

I saw you asking for my whereabouts

the rower didn’t know

But I was hiding

in the boat with the dark blue mast

A moment of folly, to defy the “it had to be”

An instance of reverse gravity

when I refused to go with you


A split atom

This space of here, there, everywhere

Surely you walked it too

when you returned to the rented room

to paint it,

the hue of our next meet

the promise of blue


Each time I see you

An embryonic twin

Sister I approach you

Daughter I lie beside you

Lover I lick your body,

my saliva unfolds the story etched on your skin,

that of civilization

that of its crimes too.


Each time we marry

I will paint my face , a ceremonial mask

I am the three components

On the tribal heights

we will lie on the bridal stone plate

watching the dawn

and the silent procession of the ritual of the dead


with urgency life falls on me,

a slumbering sleep, I have to move on

this song of love eternal

you sing to me

through the tubular instrument

of moving and echoing void,

remnants of absences and former presences


Departure is always imminent

the course of continuity calls out

we will meet when we will meet

and like the lord of one word we will utter


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